Friday, October 8, 2010

W hat a great start to a wonderful fall season.

We sure are enjoying the cooler temperatures and know our animals are too! As you may know, we are currently raising and selling eggs and chickens and should have pastured pork and grass-fed beef ready by the fall of 2011.
   Our animals are fed all-natural feed and are raised in our pastures in portable pens with electric netting to keep predators out. This method of growing chickens is called day-range. The chickens range and feed out in the open grass all day but go into pens at night for safety and comfort.
   When the pasture has been well-grazed, we move the pens, animals and fencing to the next spot in the field. Pastured poultry has a taste that surpasses any commercially-grown meat we’ve tasted. And it is shown to be higher in many vitamins and minerals than birds that don’t have room to move around with access to grass, and bugs.
   We take pride in raising and processing our chickens in the fresh air of our farm. We use all- natural soaps, cold well water and the most sanitary and humane processing practices to ensure the freshest taste possible.